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 List of Glitches in SMBX

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PostSubject: List of Glitches in SMBX   Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:13 am

SMBX is known for it's numours glitches. Some well known, others not so much. Typicicly, it is frowned upon to force these from your player, but they are exploitable.
Well Known
All Characters

  • Crouch Glitch - When the player is stuck in a wall that is not moving, or slides into a gap that is smaller then there size (e.g. Super Mario is 64 pixels tall) flies through all solid blocks.

All Characters

  • Slope Crouch - On a upside down slope, if you side underneath when you have a power up or with Peach and jump, you will clip through the floor.
  • Jump Crouch - while under a block that is 32 pixels off the ground, if you jump, and release "Down" in quick succession, you will clip through the floor.
  • Clip Sink - Taking a hit, or using your tail while in a wall will cause the player to sink approximately two to five blocks.
  • Tanooki Clip - While in a wall, holding "Down" and "Alt-Run" will make the player rise half a block a second.
  • Small to Big Item Clip - If you slide into an item while holding "Down", the player will clip three blocks into the ground.
  • Switch Jump - It is possible to land on a "P-Switch", "Time-Switch", or "Skull Switch" and jump off of them.
  • Tanooki on Spikes - If you turn to a statue while on spikes, munchers, or a jelectro, you can jump (or spin jump) off of them without harm if you press the "Jump" (or "Alt-Jump") at the same time you release "Alt-Run".
  • Warp Jump - The instant the player goes through a door or insta-warp, pressing jump will cause you to jump from the other warp.
  • Spring Warp - Holding "Jump" and "Up" when you hit a warp will cause you to maintain that momentum through the warp.
  • Super Potion Warp - Placing SMB2 doors ontop of each other, entering the bottom one will warp you to the top.

No Link

  • Dig Jump - It is possible to dig SMB2 Sand and jump without falling first
  • Duck Clip - At max sped, jump and duck. The second you hear the sound for hitting your head, you release the "Down" key and clip into the ceiling and extend your jump by 32 pixels.

Mario & Luigi

  • Crouch with Weapon - Throwing a "Shell", "Throw Block", or either of the Rainbow Weapons upward, and digging a herb out of the ground the moment the thrown item hits the player will turn the player invisible, but will cause the play to crouch and still carry the item. This makes the player carry the item on there head.
  • Reserve Sink - Switching to a new item via "Reserve Box" makes  the player sink a few blocks into the ground if they are already in a wall.
  • P-Switch through a wall - If the player jumps into a crevice the is 32 pixels wide, and drops a P-Switch, the player will clip into the wall.
  • Super Spring - When small, if you spin jump while holding "Run" and "Up", right before reaching the peak of the player's jump, releasing "Run" will spring the player skyward.

Mario, Luigi, & Toad

  • Spin grab - The moment the player grabs an item the are standing on, they can spin jump off of the item and still carry it if "Alt-Jump" is pressed as the "Grab" sound effect plays.
  • Spring through NPCs - if there is a stack of springs below an NPC, you can Spring straight through one if there is no more then a 32 pixel gap between the Spring and the questioned NPC.

Peach & Toad

  • P-Switch Through Ground - Dropping a P-Switch and getting under it will push the player through every block below the P-Switch.


  • Hover Spin - By spin jumping into a block that changes the character into Peach, she will maintain a spin.
  • Infinity Hover - By releasing and pressing "Jump" at the end of "Peach's Hover", she can star hovering mid-air.
  • Infinity Jump - At the exact time Peach would to do a second (or subsequent) hover, if "Jump" is released and pressed a third time, Peach will jump instead of hover.

Peach & Link

  • Spin-Jump - Just as a "Spin Hover", Link an Peach can normal spin-jump by any character spin-jumping into a character block.


  • Momentum Fairy - If you jump and then press (and hold) "Up" while never letting go of "Jump" , Link will maintain his momentum when he transforms back to himself.
  • Fairy Teleportation - To do this, the player must be Fairy Link and make an airship moves upwards by events and layers, then if the airship moves upwards, transform into fairy, and when landing on the airship floor while the airship is still moving up and Link will teleport under the airship.
  • Spring Slice - just like "Spring Through NPCs" if Link does the same, he can stab to go through the NPC.
  • Bomb Stack + Crouch Glitch - You can stack up four bombs before they explode. While on the top bomb, you can duck slide into a crevice and do a crouch glitch.
  • Bomb Jump - If you throw a bomb as Link at a wall while close to it, the knock back can propel yourself up and extra 32 pixels, but you must be in a tight enough space and hold the opposite direction during the knock back.


  • "Hover Spin" can be done by Spin Jumping into the Link block, and hitting a block to change into Peach.
  • "Hover Spin" can alternatively be preformed by typing "ibakedacakeforyou" (cheat that changes you into Peach) mid spin jump.
  • "Infinity Hover" has an easier, alternative method to preform:

    • Grab a Rainbow Shell (upside down).
    • Never let go of "Alt-Jump".
    • Hold "Run" and the direction you want to go.
    • Every two or three seconds, release "Run" for a split second.
    • To change direction, let go of the direction, and switch. right as you begin to lose height, release the "Run" button for a split second.
    • Repeat steps two through three.

  • The "Hover Spin" and the alternate way if "Infinity Hover" is impossible if Peach has a tail.
  • The alternative way for the "Infinity Hover" does not allow you to jump.

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List of Glitches in SMBX
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