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 Smbx Apocalipse of Water

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PostSubject: Smbx Apocalipse of Water   Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:43 pm

World 1:

World 2:

History:Bowser will cause an apocalypse on earth at its base on the moon

World 1 The Mountain World- 5 levels + Castle level and 2 bonus levels

World 2 The forest world-5 levels + Castle level and 2 bonus level

World 3 Water world -5 levels + 1 secret level + Water Castle

World 4 Neo Mountain World -6 levels +1 castle level

World 5 Lava land -9 levels parte 2 4 levels

World 6 Lunar Palace - Bowser s Pandemonium Lunar

-Progress 12%
1-Lava and water palace
2-Forest Ship
3-Water Castle
4-Sky Ship
5-Lava Lava Ship,Boom Boom lava palace , The Dark lich Palace
6-Bowser s Lunar pandemonium

Final Boss-???

The levels may have several betas

BETA world1 and world 2 download/w8d8809n9f2n11l/Smbx+Apocalipse+of+Water+Early+beta+1.2.rar

This demo can have alterations in beta next

forgive me for my bad English , I am Brazilian

Hello , I 'm Goku !

My Project:

favorites music:
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Smbx Apocalipse of Water
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